This is a website (TheCluesChronicle.info) for a podcast (The Clues Chronicle on iTunes) based on a forum (CluesForum.info) based on a documentary (September Clues) which is a skeptical scientific response to the bogus broadcasts shown on 9/11 as “evidence” of a terrorist attack.

Exposing 9/11’s lie has cracked open all the software techniques (and even some hardware ones) that the military uses to lie to everyone on a daily basis and what they do to actively prevent real reporting on current events and replace it with their own fabrications and cover-ups.

As a result of the military effort to disguise the operations of “the powers that be” (and that really shouldn’t be), the media world is completely saturated with an interlaced web of fabrications about:

Greed “Economics”
Food scarcity, lack of nutrition, and resource mismanagement “Pandemics”
More resource mismanagement, bad design, poor planning and sensationalized natural disasters “Aid Programs”
War propaganda “Terrorism”
Unclear circles of power “Nuclear Weapons”
Technocracy and more greed “Breakthroughs”
Cultural rape and genocide “Freedom”
Slavery “Prison”
Hope on Earth in “Spaaaaaaace”

To conduct meaningful discussions that have to do with REAL reality — not FAKE reality pushed through the media, we discuss two major qualities of the “news” that people need to be aware of to effectively escape our hypnotic reliance on it.

PROVEN FACT #1. There’s a chronic dearth of true, earnest, fact-checked, properly researched and properly cited reporting on local and world events

PROVEN FACT #2. Military-backed false dramas (fake environments, fake people, fake scenarios) are distributed through the media to lead public dialogue on all topics, under the pretext of “drills” and “free speech”

If you’d like citation on these proven facts, view: SeptemberClues.info and CluesForum.info for our extensive ongoing reports of the problem. (Unfortunately, there aren’t a whole lot of other places you can go for this information yet. Help us change that by making your own media that shows strong awareness of and resistance to unreal simulations.)


Q. Do you suggest a solution?
A. No. A true solution is not possible until the majority of people in the world are made aware of the problem, so that each culture and each community is able to respond in its own most locally appropriate way. Learn about this now so that you are prepared to resist “solutions” that get offered.

Q. Why a podcast? Why not try to reach the news and change it?
A. We have tried that. For 8 years. That isn’t working. We have to make our own media somehow to replace the corrupt one in power. The iTunes idea is a gamble, because they could remove us at any time, or (more likely) we will continue to be buried in obscurity. But if we reach just one more person who otherwise wouldn’t hear this message, it will have been worth it.

Q. Do you have a YouTube presence?
A. Yes! Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CL0mJ5A6goY

Q. I don’t even want to hear the podcast. I just want to help. What can I do?
A. Unfortunately, you really need to get familiar with the research to speak effectively about it. If you try talking with people before you understand the extent to which fake CGI environments and synthetic people have permeated our culture, your group will be seduced, side-tracked, derailed or broken up by the military establishment before you can understand what has happened. Please listen to the podcast and slowly, naturally come to your own personal understandings about this difficult situation the world is facing.

Q. Okay, I think I get it. What can I do?
A. Just spread the word.